The Practice of Reflection

Another class, another semester of blogging.

After making the switch to an English major last semester, I wondered if I had made the right choice. I had spent my entire time in high school completely convinced that I was going to be a biology major, just like my dad, and then become a doctor, just like my dad. In high school, I had life figured out; in my second year of college, I was changing it to a clean slate.

I really wondered if I could actually see myself writing and reading nonstop for all my classes. The idea of being surrounded by a never-ending flood of books and pages and words seemed like absolute insanity, and I wondered if I was making a huge mistake.

But then I started my classes. I read books by C.S. Lewis, Bret Lott, Mark Twain, and so many more authors; I wrote dozens of pages for prompts regarding my faith, text analyses, and reflections on my writing style; I created numerous blogs that attempted to capture who I am and what I believe — and it has all been absolutely worth it.

Before taking that leap and becoming an English major, I never could have imagined just how much I would love it all. I am the crazy person reading hundreds of pages a week, spewing my thoughts on an online blog, and staying up until 5am to work on papers — and I absolutely love it.

Even thought the reading and writing assignments take a break over a summer, the blogging certainly will not. It’s a part of who I am now, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


2 thoughts on “The Practice of Reflection

  1. kestrelssite says:

    It can be a big decision to chang your major! I’m glad you chose to become an English major and share your writing with us this semester (not that you had too much of a choice . . . it was required after all 🙂 ).


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