Sick Days

A sore throat. A stuffy nose. An achy body.

Yes, it’s a sick day.

Sick days encompass everything we dread about a new day. The uncertainty of how long you will be sick, the fatigue with which you must go about the day, the understanding that you still need to get things done while being sick, and the obvious downside of just feeling sick — all these factors and more contribute to us hating sick days.

Nothing good seems to come from sick days. We feel awful, we fall behind on things we need to do, and we are constantly waiting to get better. There is no contentment or satisfaction when we are sick, only the desire for the sick days to be behind us.

However, even in the sick days we can find something to enjoy and look forward to. The sick days are when our body forces us to rest, even when it may seem inconvenient for us; despite how much we may want to keep working and not take a break, our bodies cause us to take the much needed time for recuperation. It is also when we are sick that we are able to appreciate the days we are healthy. We realize what we are missing, and appreciate our health when it returns that much more.

What other aspects of life could this apply to? Certainly negatives and drawbacks in life that we experience must have this positive and negative relationship, one just needs to remember to look for the positive.


One thought on “Sick Days

  1. Jerren Johnson says:

    Yea the thought of being sick reminds me of how in our hardest moments taking the time to try your hardest makes you stand out. People notice little things like that and can help you receive opportunities you may not have gotten otherwise.


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