Hidden Stories

The stories everyone always talk about are the ones that everyone already knows. The best stories throughout history have been the ones that have been shared and made known to the world. It’s only natural that our thoughts immediately go to what we already know.

But what about the stories that we know nothing about? Of course, it’s hard to really think anything about a story if we don’t even know it exists, or if we don’t know anything about it. Why should we waste our time on trying to consider stories that we know nothing about?

As strange as it may initially sound, the stories that we know nothing about are the stories that have the biggest impact on our lives. That’s because the stories that we don’t know are the stories of the people we do know. Every friend, every coworker, every family member has a hidden story. There is no one who doesn’t have a story to tell; a story that explains why they are the way they are, a tale of what hardships and triumphs they have experienced, an account of who they are.

Yet, we know close to nothing about the stories of those who are around us. We love to pretend that we know everything that’s worth knowing about someone close to us, but fail to truly consider the fact that they have aspects of their life that we know nothing about. When we are wronged, we snap to quick judgments, rather than taking a pause and considering the fact that they have some unknown struggle in their life.

Every person’s story matters. Life itself is a grand story, a display of how all the individual stories interact. How much our own lives and perspective would change if we stopped and considered the stories that each person in our lives holds.


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