My Girlfriend The Writer

As much as I would love to claim sole possession of my writing, I cannot deny the fact that my writing is the conglomeration of influences from people in my life. The only reason I write the way I do today is because of the fact I’ve been exposed to unique styles in literary works, teachings of what is “acceptable writing”, and firsthand experiences of how someone else writes. No one has been more able to influence my way of writing through these different aspects than my girlfriend.

After knowing each other for more than 10 years, and dating for about 4 1/2 years, it’s natural that my girlfriend would influence my life in an incredible amount of ways; the fact that she is also an incredible writer makes it only inevitable that I would, at the very least, be affected by her writing. More than just being affected, I have have been transformed in how I write because of her writing.

Anything she ever writes is very specific in how it’s structured — there are no accidents in her word choice when she writes. Countless papers I can recall where she would continually go back to a specific sentence or phrase, constantly working at it until she found the exact wording that she wanted it to have. Being constantly exposed to her precise diction (along with her continual scolding of my own looseness with words) I finally realized the importance of being purposeful in my choice of words, and began to practice doing so.

The more I consider it, the more I begin to realize that her word choice is inherently tied to how passionate she is when she writes. The reason she wants to be absolutely perfect with how she words her sentences is because she is conveying herself on paper. More than just a simple paper, she is communicating her thoughts on an idea, and displaying how passionately she feels about the topic. There is no doubt that the paper’s content is important to her, which is why she produces such incredible work. This interweaving of her heart and soul into her work is something I can only hope to find in my own writing. She inspires me to truly create something that I love, to write a work that I want to call mine.

When exposed to such a strong influence, it’s impossible to avoid being affected by it — and there is no desire to ever want to avoid it.


One thought on “My Girlfriend The Writer

  1. amidourstarsblog says:

    Out of all of your blog posts, this one may be my favorite. Your honesty in describing your writing style juxtaposed with hers is incredible, even the tone of this post feels different from your other posts, like you’re intentionally writing like she does. It’s been wonderful to read your different blog posts this semester, and I’m glad you’re going to continue blogging!


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