Being Modernly Traditional

Modern Life, Traditional Thoughts.

After much deliberation, this was the best blog title I could think of. Someone encouraged me to be creative, to make a title that describes me. In trying to think of what describes me, the only ideas that came to mind were “The Perpetually Boring” or “An Incredibly Average Guy”. I’ve never been one to be creative in titles, and never have considered myself to be of any interest. But, a title is needed, so a title that is at least slightly interesting I attempted to conjure up.

I consider myself fairly modern, whatever that even means to be modern anymore. I’m a millennial, a lover of technology, versed in the different social media trends. I’d sooner find 10 sources on the internet than one good source in a library, and many times I can be more enraptured in the visuals of today’s films than the movie plots of movies from yesteryear.

Yet simultaneously, I consider myself an old soul with traditional thoughts. I despise what millennials are known for, reject the idea of being a slave to technology, and rarely do I ever engage or become entertained by the trends of today. Despite the convenience of finding many sources on the internet, I’d much rather find one good book, and recently I’ve become more enamored with the actual message or storytelling of a movie, desiring to look past the glam and glitter of the screen.

This is who I am.

So what?

I’ve discovered my title through self-discovery, being able to finally put words to what I see myself to be. Does it even matter that I have discussed my practically paradoxical nature of being a modern traditionalist? Aside from just being a title for a blog, what does it really matter that I have this title?

It does matter, it just doesn’t matter to me.

That’s not to say that I don’t care about this blog or the title – quite contrary, I care immensely for this, and look forward to a year from now being able to look back on everything that I will put down. But the impact of this blog on me is insignificant. What makes this blog matter is the affect it has on others. My modern life, my traditional thoughts, they only matter if they have an impact on someone that isn’t me. To impart knowledge to no one, is to not impart any knowledge at all.

I don’t care how many people see this blog. I don’t care if it never goes anywhere special. If I can impact just one individual in a positive manner, then every word, every line, every blog post will be worth it. If it can matter to someone else, then it can matter to me. post


3 thoughts on “Being Modernly Traditional

  1. Kallie-Mirick says:

    I love your title; I think it was a very appropriate choice, considering your explanation. I would also view myself as a Modern Traditionalist. I think that being able to see you do not specifically fit in with the rest of society’s determinants our generation is very powerful. I can see that you’ve definitely begun to use this knowledge, and understanding to your advantage. Identifying who you are is important in today’s society. In a world where there are so many people, it is critical to know that you have something else to offer this world: something that hasn’t already been completely exhausted by others’ investigations. You writing is very well done. Great job, and I can’t wait to read more!


  2. Colson says:

    I find this post surprisingly deep, which is all the more surprising because of its length and relative simplicity. And by simplicity I mean the straightforward way in which it is presented, you’ve obviously put a great deal of thought into this. Finding a title (or several if you are like me and one of them is “indecisive”) is a tough thing to do, and you seem to have a precise and streamlined answer. The maxim you use, “To impart knowledge to no one, is to not impart any knowledge at all” is deceptively obvious, and I like that you’ve taken the time to explicitly state it. Something of meaning does require someone who makes meaning of it. Hopefully I can add to that cause here. Because I think the concepts you bring up and grapple with here do indeed have significant meaning.


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